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J-Rapid 008

J-Rapid 008

201504 JICAバングラ 002

201504 JICAバングラ 002

ト形 実験 2015-4-16-17:5:7

ト形 実験 2015-4-16-17:5:7











Thank you for your visit.

Maeda Laboratory research is mainly about developing structures that are safe and resistant to earthquakes and other disasters.As well as, maintaining and developing the environment-friendly standards for buildings and cities.

Our researches are focusing on various building systems such as, high performance reinforced concrete structures, timber buildings for nonindustrial using (CLT), masonry infill-walls building in cooperation with some foreign countries.

Researches places differ from Sendai/Miyagi to all Japan and even overseas.

Our laboratory has a diverse range of collaborative research networks which include, in addition to the local researchers and universities, international researchers and universities as well as construction companies, consultants and design offices.


CLT Demonstration Building at Tohoku University

 Click here for details

What's New


  • On January 27th, we will hold awareness event about forest and wood in S-PAL Sendai. Click here for the leaflet

  • On January 22th 2019, We participated in tour to visit several beautiful and innovative Timber buildings in Iwate prefecture and Miyagi prefecture. The buildings design was beautiful and innovative. Click here for more details.  

  • On January 12th the 20th conference of earthquake resistance engineering will be held. Click here for details

  • On October 31 We participated in the award ceremony of the Good Design Award on which CLT model building won the award. Click here for details

  • On October 29 (Monday), October 30 (Tue), a meeting about the results of the mechanical fixing method was held. Click here for details

  • On October 25 (Thursday) we held a truss competition pre-event at the "Creative Engineering Training" class. Click here for details

  • On 9~11 Oct Existing Building survey at Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Click here for details

  • On 6~7 Oct Visit to PWD, Bangladesh.  Click here for details

  • On 6~11 Oct Visit to HBRI, Bangladesh. Click here for details

  • 2018/10/19: Tour about timber production in Miyagi Prefecture. Click here for details


  • Tohoku University architectural CLT model demonstration building won the Good Design Award for the year 2018. Click here for details

  • The 5th workshop of Miyagi Prefecture Forestry Technology Center was held.

Laboratory of Performance Control System

Our Research Topics are as follows:

  • New structural design methods and seismic performance evaluation methods.

  • Seismic evaluation and and retrofit of existing building.

  • Prediction of the damage due to earthquakes.

  • Developing of structural systems using new material and construction Methods.


Recent Research Theme (Abstracts are in English)

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