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Miyagi forestry and wood production Tour

On 2018/10/19 the lab participated on this Tour, held by Miyagi Prefecture CLT Promotion Council.

After arriving at Rice Tombs General Branch we walked the last bit into the forest. We were able to observe the whole process from cutting to transportation of the wood. We saw the deforestation of 79-year-old cedar and 42-year-old Japanese cypress with chainsaws and harvesters. There was a lot of moisture in the cut and the fresh wood smelled very good. As a souvenir we took a thin tree stump with us. It seems that working on the steep slopes requires a lot of experience and advanced technology. We have learned a lot from the friendly guidance of Mr. Takashima of the Forestry Association. Thank you very much for that.

登米間伐現場20181019 (50).JPG

Next we went to the prefecture's production facility (Precut factory). In addition to a conventional drying cabinet, a solar heat dryer [TOSMS] is used to dry the wood products. This plastic house uses the solar heat efficiently and makes it possible to store large quantities of dry wood and at the same time supply high-quality wood continuesly. Besides, the plastic house is also used for events.  All in all, we were able to visit a factory that uses natural energy to develop an environmentally friendly production process. Thank you very much, Mr Takenaka, for the explanations.

登米PC工場20181019 (12).jpg

Finally we drove to the office of the forestry association and after lunch we received a lecture by Mr. Ito from the Tomeuma Town Forestry Association. We were informed about the new efforts of forestry in the Tome region.
In order to realise the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), the acquisition of the FSC International Forest Certificate is planned. The processing and distribution system of FSC-certified products will be improved. FSC is a forest certification label. The FSC system verifies compliance with standards established by independent third party organisations. 
Many thanks to Mr Ito for explaining this to us.

20181019 県産材生産現場視察研修会 052.jpg
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