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Akita prefecture visit of timber structure facilities

On October 10, 2018, the Design Committee of the Promotion Council of Miyagi Prefecture organized a tour of wooden buildings at Akita Prefecture. Many of the buildings there are made of regional cedar wood. We visited the following four facilities.  Many thanks for the organization and guidance through all facilities.

Government Building of Akita Prefecture

The interior of the government building of the city of Akita is made of wood. The ceiling of the auditorium is lined with square cedar wood panels, which make effective use of colour differences and wood grain.
Many thanks to everyone in the Forestry Wood Industry Department of Akita Prefecture Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

20181010秋田県庁 (32).JPG

Akita Airport

We visited the interior of the lobby and lounge at Akita Airport. It seems that wood is used to promote timber construction.  For example, the walls of the departure hall are lined with wallpaper of different woven patterns. Many thanks to Mr. Ikeda from Watanabe Takafu architecture design office and Mr. Kato from Kato Ring architectureal design office.

秋田空港 (44).jpg

Departure Lobby

秋田空港 (18).jpg

Braided wall panels

秋田空港 (42).jpg


International University of Akita

At the International University of Akita there are only lectures in English, so many foreign students study here. The library is open 24 hours a day and appears as a backdrop to a foreign film scene. It is a hybrid construction of wooden frame, steel frame and reinforced concrete. The roof is an umbrella-shaped semicircle, and the central part is supported by 6 wooden columns. Many thanks to Mr. Motegi of the Life Design Institute of Technology for the explanations and to all staff of the International College of Liberal Arts.

国際教養大学 (60).JPG


国際教養大学 (28).JPG

Lecture building

国際教養大学 (92).JPG

Dormitory and more

JR Station Akita and its surroundings 

We visited the Akita Station, which was renovated as part of the Northern Station Gate Akita Project. A free passage and a waiting hall were equipped with Akita Prefecture materials and a comfortable room was created. The set up tables and seats were newly developed especially for this project. Many thanks to Dr. Kosugi from Akita Public Art University for your explanations.
Akita cedar and wooden buildings were presented in this month's issue of Trainvert. The article can be read while travelling via Shinkansen or here: Trainvert October Issue

JR秋田駅 (78).JPG

Akita Station

秋田駅西口バスターミナル (16).jpg

Bus terminal

Social Gathering

Mr. Kosugi also participated in a social gathering with the tour participants in Akita Namahage.

20181010かまくらの郷 (7).JPG
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