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Welcome to Lab of Performance Control System



Our Research Topics are as follows

  • New Structual Design Method and Seismic Performance Evaluation Method

  • Seismic Evaluation and and Retrofit of Existing Building

  • Prediction of the Damage due to Earthquake

  • Structual System using New Material and Construction Method




Recent Research Theme (Abstracts are in English)

                                                                      >>see more papers



Contact us                                                                  06-1206 

                                                                                                                      Aramaki Aza-Aoba Aoba-ku
                                                                                                                      Sendai-shi Miyagi-ken 980-8572 Japan
                                                                                              Tel& Fax: +81-22-795-7872 ( Prof Maeda.)
                                                                                          +81-22-795-7893 ( Room for Students 
                                                                                  (Professor Maeda)
                                                                                      (a student)

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