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Shafiul Islam currently has been working as Assistant Professor (Research) at the Department of Architecture and Building Science, Tohoku University. His research interest is the seismic diagnosis and retrofitting of existing RC buildings. He is also involved in a project "Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development''(SATREPS).


Nationality: Bangladeshi




Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering, Tohoku University


Masters in Disaster Management Policy (Major Earthquake Disaster)

National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (Grips)


2019: JCI best paper award

2019: JCI Tohoku Branch Encouragement award

2018: JCI best paper award

2015: IISEE Director Award

2010: President Gold Medal

2006: Prime Minister Gold Medal

Research Interests

Research areas:

Structural Analysis, Seismic Evaluation, Seismic strengthening, Earthquake Engineering

Selected publications:

Md. Shafiul Islam, Hamood Alwashali, Debasish Sen, Masaki Maeda, "A proposal of Visual Rating method to set the priority of detailed evaluation for masonry infilled RC building  Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering", 18(4) 1613 - 1634 3 2020.

Hamood Alwashali, Md Shafiul Islam, Debasish Sen, Jonathan Monical, Masaki Maeda, "Seismic capacity of RC frame buildings with masonry infill damaged by past earthquakes", Bulletin of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering 53(1) 13 - 21 3 2020.

Md. Shafiul Islam, Debasish Sen, Hamood Alwashali, Masaki Maeda,"Visual Rating method for seismic evaluation of existing RC buildings with masonry infill: a case study of Bangladesh", コンクリート工学年次論文集 41(2) 1009 - 1014 7 2019.  

Md. Shafiul Islam, Hamood Alwashali, Yuta Torihata, Masaki Maeda,"Rapid seismic evaluation method of existing RC buildings with masonry infill based on earthquake damage", コンクリート工学年次論文集 40(2) 1027 - 1032 7 2018.

Md Shafiul Islam

Assistant Professor (Research)

Tohoku University 



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