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SATREPS TSUIB WG2 meeting in Tohoku University and Field survey in Minami Sanriku

(coastal area damaged by 2011 EQ)

                                                                               May 10 - 13, 2018

Engineers and researchers from Public Works Department (PWD) and Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST) visited Tohoku University on 10th to 13th May 2018. They joined a discussion with Maeda-lab and Nishiwaki-lab members in Tohoku University about masonry infilled RC frame and low-strength concrete as a part of collaboration research activities of SATREPS project.

Day1 (10th May): Workshop on seismic evaluation and retrofit of URM infill

- Discussion on Seismic Evaluation and Visual Rating method of existing vulnerable buildings

- Preliminary test of masonry wall elements retrofitted with Ferro-cement.

Day2 (11th May): Workshop on seismic evaluation and experiment plan in AUST

- The day started with a discussion on seismic evaluation and experiment plan in AUST University and the installation of test equipment.

- In the afternoon participants head to Minami Sanriku area for a filed trip, which included a visit to Okawa elementary school which was hit by the Tsunami in 2011.

-  After that, participants arrived to Minami Sanriku Hotel, and in the evening they had a traditional Japanese dinner.

Day3 (12th May): Discussion on future plan and activities of WG2

- The day began with a meeting in Sanriku Hotel in which the participants discuss the future plan of WG2.

- After the meeting the participants went to a field trip in the damaged area which stared with lunch in a traditional Japanese restaurant. Then, they visited the Miracle Pine site in Rikuzentakata city and kesen Carpentry and Folklore Museum.

- At night, they had an open discussion about the overall project.