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SATREPS TSUIB  Workshop, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, 12-13 Oct, 2019

Bangladeshi researchers from HBRI, PWD, BUET, AUST and UAP visited Japan to attend SATREPS-TSUIB Workshop held on 12-13 October, 2019 in Tohoku university, Sendai. Participants from several Universities of Japan and Bangladesh participated in intensive meetings and discussion. The main topic of this meeting was summarizing the outcomes so far and discussion on the preparation of seismic evaluation and seismic retrofit manuals that are expected to be implemented in the buildings of Bangladesh in near future. Several meetings were also held to discuss about the future test plan in HBRI, Bangladesh. Thanks a lot Bangladeshi researchers for attending the workshop held in Japan despite the warning of Typhoon HAGIBIS.

After the meeting of 13 October, Maeda Sensei and Seki Sensei guided the Bangladeshi researchers to visit ZAO mountain, Japanese traditional KOKESHI Doll Museum, and a spectacular CLT building.​