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SATREPS/TSUIB Project Workshop on 2017/08/11~2017/08/14

The Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) meeting and Workshop of SATREPS-TSUIB project was held at JICA Bangladesh office, Dhaka in Bangladesh on 11th ~ 14th August, 2017. 


In addition, Maeda lab team visited the construction site of Institute of Health Technology (IHT), and Midwifery & Nursing Institute to observe the current trend of structural system and construction practices in Bangladesh. Existing old RC building (Administration building of IHT) has been visited and the preliminary rapid seismic evaluation method has been applied, which Maeda lab team is developing now. After that Bangladesh Radio Center (Betar Bhavan) has been visited, where retrofitting work is going on, to observe the applicability of conventional retrofitting methods. At the end of the tour Maeda Lab team has visited the Ahsanulla University of Science and Technology (AUST) to investigate the feasibility of the proposed location for the SATREPS Laboratory in AUST.

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